Epic is the word that comes to mind to describe this project. FOX Latin America's most ambitious project for 2018 was an spectacular period piece featuring all kinds of battles in the likes of shows like Black Sails or Vikings, but with a nice Latin touch. My role was to direct the action sequences that involved visual effects both on set and post for the 10 chapters of the season. That led me to a fantastic adventure in amazing places across Colombia. I was also in charge of directing the art team that developed the aesthetic for the ships, the flags and to recreate a number of historical buildings that no longer exist. Back in my offices at 3DAR, my role was to lead a creative team of 35 vfx artists working on CGI sequences. It was about 8 months working closely with the amazing team at FOX LATAM to find the right way to portray the year 1600 in a way that is not only super realistic but also fascinating.

Artistic process

Unforgettable adventures in Bogotá, Colombia

We conceptualized ships in advance with customized weaponry, insignias and sails for each gang. The Spanish, the French and the Moro

Render of a chosen design. Nothing as enjoyable as seeing your ship finally sailing in 3D waters

Model of the ancient city of Cartagena. This allowed us to move around freely in 3D placing the camera wherever we wanted. And yes: Blow it apart

Part of the brilliant VFX team that put it together (3DAR offices, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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