FEDERICO HELLER 2018 DEMO REEL: I'm happy to put together a recollection of my best work so far as director. I also included some of my client work for advertising.

In the early days of my company I started doing animation and visual effects. 3D animation was not the most conventional technique at the time and there was a lot of reluctancy from clients since those techniques "took months" or "looked fake". Specially in the advertising world. But people was always curious, always asking, and I kept offering them to try and incorporate some of these looks into their film. As time passed by, it got so popular that I saw myself coordinating large teams of artists. And it took me a while to realize that directing is what I actually wanted to do right from the start. I just didn't thought it was possible for me. I was fortunate that some big companies trusted me with their projects and that is what got me started, being able to appear as a "safer" choice every time a new project came in because I had also worked for other big companies before.

And later on, I think around 2010, I decided to pursue my passion in the world of fiction. Writing my own stories and seeking finance to make them happen. I believe that the more you create the more ready you are for leadership since the creative process requires you to respond an endless amount of questions about your world, you characters, and every single creative decision that shapes the final piece. At the end of the day, I kind of like discovering that I'm the one creating the questions, and finding ways to answer them.

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