When it comes to Latin America it is hard to find any character like Cris Morena. She created a variety of world wide acclaimed shows for young audiences like Chiquititas, Casi Angeles, Rebelde Way and many others. She wanted to create a show about supernatural beings incarnating to fulfill a purpose on earth. That is how Aliados was born. Every character came from a different universe, had different powers and we had an amazing time building this universes, working on their supernatural effects, and I had the chance to direct many sequences in both the first and second season.

After the TV show's success, the time for the play came. So we translated all this magic universe into a hyper visual theater experience in the famous Grand Rex Theatre in Buenos Aires. With giant screens behind the actors, the story transported them into different scenarios, narrated in parallel with their performances. It was a great experience for me as I learned a lot about choreography, stage language and how to transpose storytelling tools to a different medium.

I also created this little edit for the play's intro

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