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Uncanny Valley. In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. This short film I wrote / directed / produced got incredibly popular and is now being adapted into a longer format. 


Lil Dicky: Earth Song


I'm incredibly proud of having directed this magical video with the fantastic Nigel Tierney. Lil Dicky urges us to save the earth. A Ryot & 3DAR co-production presenting the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation and involving the biggest music names like Ariana, Justin, Snoop, Sia, Sheeran and Leo himself. 

FOX Latam's stellar drama of 2018 with me as director of visual effects! We shot the season in paradise locations across Colombia with over 8 months of vfx work. Ships sinking, cannon battles and a whole lot of CG water. Still stoked of the epic result.

2018 Director Reel

My latest and nicest work as director so far. Enjoy!

Augmented reality implants go haywire in this hyper-colorful sci fi-dystopia. I was chosen to direct this pilot episode with my dear friends from Albuquerque New Mexico. Come Back to Earth!

Is the world coming to an end? A soldier with PTSD (Hayden Christensen) and a dubious Messiah (Harvey Keitel) join forces to prepare for the apocalypse. I was lucky to co-produce this film with the talented team of Cinema7. All shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Concept art is at the top of my ranking when it comes to the creative process. I happen to enjoy it very much. This is a re-collection of great artwork that I produced for different projects in the animation world. Some of them never saw the light of day. Until now. . . 

A group of celestial beings incarnate in the bodies of six teenagers whose lives are everything but perfect. Now their mission is to save humanity. The acclaimed producer Cris Morena invited me to direct some pieces for her supernatural show.


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